Weekly Digest: 48 Fantabulous Tips to Boost Your Productivity

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Lazy morningUnproductivity: 8 Fantabulous Ways to Make the Most of Your Laziest Days

We all have our lazy and unproductive days. Sometimes we didn’t get enough sleep, sometimes we just don’t have motivation, and sometimes we get distracted by a fun new game. So what do you do? We’ll look at some great unproductivity-day strategies.

Organize your spaceHow to Cure PackRat-itis

How do you feel when sitting at home? Calm and peaceful, nestled in your neatly kept place? Or could your space use some love, organization and cleaning? If you can barely type over the pile of stuff on your desk, then hopefully you’ll find inspiration in this article.

Start working on your tasksHow to Get Unstuck: Overcoming Procrastination

It’s the end of the day and you think “How did the day slip away from me? Arg!” It slips away because we find ways to procrastinate, often in the name of getting things done. The truth is we need to make our time a priority before we can overcome the procrastination habit.

Digital clock5 Simple Steps to Power Up Your Productivity

Do you ever get frustrated with your level of productivity? I know that I do. Whenever I feel a slowdown happening I employ this productivity technique and it has never failed me. On average, I would estimate that I get at least a 3-fold boost in productivity every time I use it.

BaloonsThe Magic of the Every Day Mindset

The “Every Day Mindset” is a simple, yet extremely powerful, way in which to live your life. What is this mindset? Put simply, it is a mindset that remembers that this day you are currently living will only ever happen once, and it therefore encourages you to make the most of it.

Beautiful sunrise8 Simple Tips for Getting Started with Something

One big problem with trying to improve your life simply is that sometimes you never seem to be able to get started. There is often quite a bit of inner resistance when trying. If you have trouble getting started here are at least a few tips you can try. I hope that you’ll find them helpful.

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Here’s a Quick Way to Overcome Procrastination

If you have a tendency to push things off to the last possible minute, chances are you do this in your professional and social life as well. And once this becomes a habit, it’s pretty hard to break. Not to worry — you can stop procrastination with these two easy tips so start now!

9 Effective Ways to Get 200% More Work Done

Being more productive is learning to develop strategies that allow you to get things down. This will yield better results and decrease the stress pending on your shoulders. Here are 9 simple pointers you can start following right now to cut down drastically on wasted time during the day.

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