Warming up

Warming up is generally the little exercise done before doing any task for its better preparation. It increases strength of the person and increases his ability to do the task better. Warming up includes various physical exercises, which prepare the individual physically as well as mentally for the task. Many of the scholar thought that warming up is not essential before doing an activity; it is totally wastage of time as well as energy. But majority of scholars denied this statement according to them warming up is very important before doing any activity. It increases the intensity of the person.

What is the need of warming up?

When a person is involved in some physical exercise certain various changes takes place in the body. These changes involved increase in supply of blood, breathing rate and oxygen demand by the tissues. If the person performs directly an activity or any task then the demand of such parameters increases rapidly and it becomes very difficult for the body to cope these needs. Therefore warming up plays an essential role in such cases it increases the body temperature and breathing rate at a constant pace. It increases reaction time, prepares body mentally, prepare nervous system and stretches the muscles to avoid joint injuries. It induces alertness in the body. It reduces the chance of sprain and wear and tear of muscles.

Methods of warming up

Simple exercise like jogging and running are best method of warming up. Bicycling is another very common method for warming up. All these exercise should be done in the constant pace. Initially it should be done slowly and then rate should be increases after suitable interval of time. Warming up should be done according to the age of people, heavy exercise for warming up should not be done by children and old age people. Generally due to low fluid content in their body they have higher chances of getting sprains, body pain and other physical disorders therefore medical advice should be necessary before doing such exercises.

Majority of researchers are in favor of warming up, some of the points given below depict the Importance of warming up

1. It reduces the chances of injury. Warming up fully tone up the muscles. In the absence of warming up muscle gets loosened and there occur maximum chances of sprain and other injuries.

2. Warming up increases speed of the muscles. Before warming up the muscles was in starched state therefore they cannot do sudden responses.

3. It increases the strength and endurance of the person. Various studies shows that swimming endurance can be increased by formal warming up while vigorous warming up increases in running.

4. It improves the level of performance of the individual.

5. Doing regular warming up before the task can increase flexibility of

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