Think Positive!

“You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. “

Think Positive!

James Allen wrote that in his work, ” Above Life’s Turmoil “. It has always remained fixed in my mind, when I think about where my life is going and where I’d like my life to go. Are the two separate or in line with each other? Do I have any control over that? Can my thoughts really decide my future in such a way?

The answer is most definitely yes! You are in control of your life. Your thoughts do shape your future. So why is it that sometimes we feel as though we’re stuck in a rut? Because it’s what we think about. If you wake up in the morning and you’re depressed or unhappy and you dread the duties of the day, like having to go to work or having to pay the bills that you just know you’re going to find in the mail, well that’s how your life is going to be. But quiet your mind from all of the hassles, distractions and worries for just a moment and ask yourself, ” What if I woke up every morning and felt great, didn’t worry and loved stepping out my front door to meet the world? “. Would your life change, do you think?

Consider that when you’ve felt good and things are going right, it seems to come in a streak, doesn’t it? And likewise, whenever things are not going well they continue to happen that way. That’s because if our thoughts are tuned into a positive or negative frequency, if our energy is focused on either one, that’s what we manifest and produce in our lives.

You don’t have to discover any great business secret, or design a cure for a disease, invent a longer lasting light bulb so you can make fortunes or meet the man or woman of your dreams in order to be happy. It’s exactly the opposite. You need to be happy and feel good, to make all of those things happen. Now if you’re reading this and thinking ” That’s easy for you to say. ” Think again. It’s not an easy road at all, but it’s one worth traveling. Sure it takes time to change the way you perceive things, but in the end, if you can tune your thoughts to that positive frequency and be truly happy and joyful, you’ll find that things you want, need and desire in life will coming looking for you.

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  • Kristin says:

    I believe in the power of thinking positively about situations, really I do. But how do you think positively first thing in the morning when you’re depressed? I’ve often tried thinking positively, I’ve spent whole weekends painting a scene in my mind where everything comes together and I am happy, and Monday morning by the time work has settled on me it all falls apart and I’m lost again. How do you keep the “happy bubble” going when everyone around you desperately wants to pop it? (WOW that sounds negative, but that is what it seems like)

  • I agree with you 100%. I tell people that our most dominant thoughts will always manifest themselves into our material reality, whether positive or negative. People say I would never desire bad things for myself but I ask them are you dominant thoughts on lack, worry, doubt, and any other negative thought or do you focus on having everything necessary for your advancement that moment. Many tend to forget that the present is a gift, the moment is the present (gift)! James Allens book As A Man Thinketh is short but powerful and I encourage anyone reading this blog to read it. If you’d like a free copy of As A Man Thinketh or Think & Grow Rich visit the Success Development Resource Center and get your copy. Visit:

    Think Big!
    Brian Maxwell

  • Mel says:

    I miss your old bullet point tips… ๐Ÿ™ They were so useful.

  • DanGTD says:

    Start your day making your body strong. With some exercise and some healthy meal for example. You’ll notice you’ll feel much better, and start working on improving your life. You don’t need a happy bubble, that is self-delusional.

    Thinking positive is important, but it doesn’t solve all problems.

  • Thinking positive is far from easy for most of us. I am still making an effort at it. It does seem to change the events that occur around us, or at least how we perceive them. Something can happen that we think is horrible if we are thinking negatively, but it might not seem so bad if we think positively.

    You are sabotaging yourself if you just think about the negative things. You will focus too hard on them and this makes it harder to enjoy the present moment. You can change your mood but it takes work. You are setting yourself up for failure if that is all you think about. You have to think about the end result working to succeed. If you can slowly replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts then you are on your way.

    Each time you have a negative thought then just try to think of the opposite.

    Focus on how bad the situation is. If thinking negatively really helps. You will find that it doesn’t and it will only benefit you to think positively

    Hopefully we can all focus on the bright side a bit more

    – Philip Lilly

  • Jake says:

    Firm believer in PT… Hard to do but its worth the try.

  • Ashton says:

    haha, im only 15 and i know all about this shit…

    to help some people out ill tell you this, its a long road for damn sure. Theres a lot more things you can do like excersizing eating good, it just makes u feel better, when u feel better your mind starts to feel better. Same on the other way around, if u imagine happy thoughts u will feel better.

    Its hard to do all the time, and it seems that when u do it the situtions turn bad sometimes, but its only because of your past thoughts and actions of bad things coming back to you…

    Its hard to explain cause theres so much, but all you need to worry about is starting small, definetly.

    You do it for everything, if you wanted to play a game of basketball, your not just going to appear with professionals, at the top, happiest, greatest of all. You have to build your way up, cause once u focus on what you want, little situations will appear that you can take. And after that, more and more will come.

    Its all about keep going, if your working out and you wanna get buff cant just do a couple and stop, that does nothing. Wair your mind out ๐Ÿ™‚ after a sleep you will feel refreshed.

    I hope that all made sense, sorry if it didnt, i just try to help.

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