Overcoming Depression

Source: Flickr - Depression by aragirnDepression is a serious illness affecting a staggering 14 people out of every 1,000.00 people. Yes, depression is an illness despite what some people think. Some people think depression is just all in a persons head and they should be able to recover with a single thought or action.

Before we go on, let’s examine what some of the general symptoms of depression are. Some people will experience all of these symptoms or just a few. They will have a depressed mood, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, sleeping way to much, sense of helplessness, sense of hopelessness, loss of interest in daily activities, very irritable, feeling guilty for no reason, loss of concentration and thoughts of suicide.

Overcoming depression is not an easy task. Since we have listed loss of interest, loss of concentration, and unusual sleep patterns as symptoms, a person battling these will find it difficult to reach out for help. Sometimes they can feel ashamed of this illness. Maybe a close friend is not accepting depression as an illness. All these combined issues will make it harder for a person to seek treatment.

Treatment can come in many ways. Since the person is not thinking clearly, it may take a loved one to make them see they need extra help. Some coaching to let them know this is not their fault and everyone needs help sometimes, no matter what. You can get treatment from your current physician. You can see the professional treatment from a psychologist. You can seek help from an herbalist or dietitian. It does not matter who you seek treatment from, you just need to seek treatment.

Seeking treatment is the first step to recovery. Make no mistakes, treatment will not be easy but the hardest step is to realize you need help. Once you have done that the road to recovery will long and hard but not as hard as admitting you are fighting depression.

The road will be long and usually takes about six full months to actually start to feel normal. You will probably begin a series of steps including some medications. The medication process itself it very time consuming. Depression medications come in a variety of doses and functions. The process to find the right one may be as simple as one medication with one or two trial doses or a series of medications and doses. Either way, know that the medication takes a full 30-60 days to be fully effective. This will not happen overnight. Once a medication is found and has become effective to help control the moods and feelings, you can begin to look at other aspects causing the depression.

You may need to change your diet. Including less sugar and caffeine may be an important role. Other foods can affect moods as well, such as carbohydrates or wheat’s. Be sure to discuss these with your doctor. You may also need to start exercising. Exercising is a natural mood booster. You can exercise to make yourself feel better or to help loose weight, which in turn will help you feel better about yourself and the way you look. Don’t try and start off huge when exercising. Start off in 10 minute intervals and expand from there as you feel up to it. If you start doing to much at once you may end up being sore and not continue to exercise.

Know that depression is an illness and can be treated. The treatment will vary per person and will be a long road but also know that the road will be worth it. Once you have a good treatment plan in place, you will feel like you’re old self again, maybe better. It is possible to overcome depression, take the first step.

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  • Abraham says:

    Tell me about it! Depression is a mutha….. make a long story short every now and then i find myself very depressed, I love working out – i had stop. You are right working out is a mood booster; makes you feel better. A lot of things are easier said than done in terms of depression. I suggest to focus on yourself and the path you want to go when you find yourself dejected.

  • Andy says:

    Set a goal in life and have the courage to firmly go to them, no matter what. Having set a goal to get rid of depression, you are sure to throw it all out of your life.

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