Avoiding Confrontation At All Costs

Source: Flickr - confrontation by maybemaq For some, dealing with confrontation may be the hardest subject they may ever have to deal with. Sometimes the very thought of dealing with confrontation can be emotionally draining for some; for others they often develop a phobia; feeling anxious, dread, insecure and overall fear.

There are many tips one can utilize if ever presented with a possibility of confrontation. No one should ever go through life holding their heads down, or looking the other way because they fear confrontation. Remember, confidence is the key to everything you do in life; standing your ground and emanating a positive aura about yourself will assist you in any situation that should happen to occur.

1. Calmly thinking things through with a clear mind is an appropriate way of dealing with confrontation without further aggravating aggression. There are certain ways of approaching people and ways of not approaching people. Give the intended party time to calm down; then approach with a caring, gentle manner. Everyone should remember; for every action, there is a reaction.

2. Never be on the defensive; all this does is promote anger between you and the other party. Always be on the offensive.

3. Choose your tone of voice and words wisely. Utilizing a demanding; accusing voice when approaching someone may cause the other party to enact their defense mechanisms. Everything we throw out to the universe, we receive ten fold. If you approach a person in a negative manner; you will most likely experience negativity in return.

4. Resist the urge to scream, curse, cry and refrain from shooting the other person looks that could kill. Actions are just as much a threat than words. Always, always remain in control of your emotions and never let them overpower you; most likely an outburst may be something you could possibly regret in the aftermath.

5. Stopping a conflict before it happens is truly the best way in avoiding such unpleasantries. There are many tell tale signs to spot when conflict begins to rear its ugly head. If you are in tune to your surroundings, you’ll have enough ammunition to turn things around with grace and ease. Most often, conflict escalates and occurs when you least expect it. Be wise; change the subject, tone of voice and body mannerisms to create and promote a positive; fulfilling atmosphere. This usually takes things down a notch, creating a positive aura in which both parties can take the proper time to observe and discover there really wasn’t anything to worry about in the first place.

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