Five Steps to Accomplishing your Goals

Establishing and achieving goals throughout your life is vital to your success and you should have goals in all areas of you life such as family and finances. Goals will allow you to move forward in life and for the most part people who achieve their goals are successful. Those who don’t complete their goals on the other hand usually end up with difficulties throughout their life. In this article we’ll take a look at five steps everyone can implement into their lives to complete their goals.

Set a Firm Date

When you’re establishing a goal you should always make sure you set a firm date for your goal. If you want to have goals set into the future then you need to make sure you break those goals down into monthly and daily goals. This way you’ll know each day whether you’re achieving your goals or not.

Use a Calendar

You should always use a calendar for your goals each month and all you need to do is write your monthly goal into the last day’s box and then write the daily goals in each day’s box. Organization will help you with achieving your goals so if you’re serious about achieving your goals then make sure you do the proper work needed.


There is no point in having a bunch of goals that you’re trying to achieve without focusing on a specific goal because you won’t make as much progress as you should. You should focus on one goal at a time and then once it’s complete move on to your next goal. Of course you can still have smaller goals, but only work on one big goal at a time or else you’ll lose focus and progress on your goals.

Establish a Time

You should have a time each day that you have set aside for working on your goals. If you do this then you’ll find that after a little while you’ll be in a routine and will get on a roll. Ride the momentum that comes with working on your goals each day and work off of the last day’s successes.

Stay Firm

Don’t give up on your goals as this is the worst thing you can do. You need to set goals that are achievable, but once you do that then you need to make sure that you don’t give up. Work with your goals right up until their complete and I guarantee you’ll feel great about yourself once you’re done.

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  • Arts Musings says:

    These are great tips that aren’t usually talked about in goal setting articles. The SMART method of setting goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) essential but so is consistent action towards your goals, visualization of your goals and affirmations.

    Using a calendar and scheduling time are great ways to chunk down your big goals. Here’s another tip: You don’t always need to know the complete ‘how’ of achieving your goals when you set them. Once you begin, the ‘hows’ appear!

  • rmd3 says:

    I like to make a collage board of pictures and words (cut outs from magazines or anything) to motivate you and remind you each day. Pictures of a car, house or graduate and phrases or words like “maintain your composure under pressure” and “You can do it.”
    correction needed: Their to they’re ….Work with your goals right up until their complete and I guarantee you’ll feel great about yourself once you’re done.
    I Dig Art Musings message

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