Practical Tips for Increasing Happiness in Your Life

Practical Tips for Increasing Happiness in Your LifeAs a single mom of two beautiful boys, I have many joyful moments in life. I have had the opportunity to see my boys grow into handsome young men. When I think about the happiest times in my life, I always see their faces. So, I began to wonder why I wasn’t that happy all of the time. Sure, I was often peaceful or even somewhat carefree, but there was something missing. As the years turned and my boys became teenagers, I realized that I needed to find my own happiness. They could no longer be my sole sense of joy. To help you on your journey, I have put together a few practical tips for increasing happiness in your life:

1. Awake with Positive Thoughts
One of the most important things to leading a happy, fulfilled life is to think positively. As the old adage goes, “Even if you reach for the stars and fail, you may still reach the moon.” I like to awake in the morning, take a deep breath and encourage myself. Hey, if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

2. Determine What Makes you Happy
Whether you are truly unhappy, or just need a “pick me up”, it is vital to know what makes you happy. You can’t achieve something that you can’t see. It is time to evaluate your life to see what areas bring you down, and what areas pick you up. Once you realize that watching that particular show leaves you feeling depressed, or that a stimulating exercise leaves you feeling revived, you can begin to eliminate or at least lessen those things that make you sad. You can increase the activities that build your happiness. It seems so simple, but it works.

3. Set Both Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
Once you have determined what makes you happy, you can begin to set both short-term and long-term goals for your life. It is important to set realistic goals for yourself, especially on the short-term side of things. Once you accomplish something small, you will be encouraged and able to accomplish your larger long-term goals.

4. Bad Company Corrupts Good Character
We all teach our children that “bad company corrupts good character”. But, many adults don’t realize that the same principle is true in their lives. Take the time to look at your friendships and people of influence in your life. Surround yourself with positive, life breathing individuals, and avoid those pessimistic people who would like you to join them in self pity. You can mutually encourage and uplift each other, and you will have someone positive to go to if life turns a bit sour.

The most important thing to remember is that you deserve all of the happiness that life brings you. But, you are the only one with the ability to bring yourself happiness. With a little determination, you can have a fresh, new outlook on life. You can see your dreams and goals come to pass. May happiness come your way!

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