Headline: People Love Freebies!

I have always been amazed at the amount of freebies that are offered on the internet and how much time people spend scouring the web in search of companies that offer these freebies.

When you look at this site for example you can see there are free items that range from food and cosmetics to online freebies that are useful for webmasters and utilities for your computer. There are literally hundreds of thousands of other sites just like this that list freebies that are available to the public.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as freebie etiquette.

Rule #1
Make sure you only sign up for an offer once. Companies go to great expense to offer their freebies to people and it is considered bad taste to sign yourself up for multiples of the same product.

Rule #2
Please only sign up for freebies that you actually plan on using or trying. This goes along with Rule #1 in that there is just no point in taking additional freebies that you won’t use or try. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you always need to stock pile something!

Rule #3
Be certain to never lie about yourself! If a freebie is intended for a business, do not pretend to be a business just to obtain the freebie. Often, because freebies are offered to a target audience, the company really wants their products in the hands of those who will actually consider buying the product.

Rule #4
Don’t complain about the product. This doesn’t mean that if you have some thoughts or concerns that you shouldn’t submit them to the company. What I mean is don’t complain because the product is in such a small tube; or that the t-shirt they are giving away is a large, but you are a size small.

There are plenty of reasons that companies will offer the general public a free sample of their product. It may help to increase their brand awareness, or it could be to get a new product in the hands of their target customer. Whatever the reason the company offers the freebie, be grateful that you have the opportunity to try something for free.

Here are some great freebies that I have found by looking around myself:

Sample of Lacoste Pink Perfume
Lipstock Chapstick
Eukanuba Puppy Training DVD & $5 Off Coupon

Here are some great sites that are custom made for different groups:

Canadian Freebies:

Canadian Free Stuff
Smart Canucks
Freebies Canada

Global Freebie Sites:

Freebies Worldwide

Online Freebies:

The Free Site
Merles World
Freebies 4 Webmasters

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