Fad Diets – Why they work, and why they don’t

Have you ever wondered why on Earth people would try some of the fad diets that are knocking around? I once knew someone who swore by The Marshmallow Diet. She insisted that it was a tried and true diet where you only eat marshmallows. In case you are wondering, I do not recommend that you only eat marshmallows. However, being the diligent reporter I am, I did Google the diet and found absolutely nothing on this so called diet. You may not have ever been tempted to try The Marshmallow Diet, but some of the following diets may have caught your eye.

The Low Fat Diet sounds reasonable enough. Eating fat would make you fat, right? That’s why a lot of people try the diet, and in theory, it should work because there is actually 9 calories for every gram of fat; but carbs and protein are probably closer to 4 calories. So why doesn’t the diet always work the way we had hoped? Because the chances are, you won’t replace it gram for gram. Eating a reduced fat diet is a good idea, but please remember not to add two helpings of your low fat replacements to your plate!

A Mini Fast (also known as the Hollywood Diet) sounds like it could work for a lot of people. Most of the people I know who are trying to lose weight give up because they don’t see results quickly. A mini fast sounds like it would be right up their alley especially when they find out that the diet is only 2 days long! The problem is that the weight you are going to lose in those two days is all water weight. You see, if you don’t eat food, or if you take a diuretic, your body will flush out water. Since our bodies are made mostly of water, you can see how you can drop “weight” quickly.

Magic Food Diet is a category where a diet consists of eating one type of food. There’s the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, and I’m sure this is even where we could add the infamous marshmallow diet. The general problem with all of these types of diets is that by severely restricting your intake of healthy foods, even over a period of only 7-12 days, is just not healthy. The weight you take off in that time will never stay off because you will resume eating the way you did before the fad diet started.

Each and every one of you knows exactly what it takes to lose weight. Reduce calories and/or increase activity. It’s the only sure fire way to lose the pounds and the inches and keep them off.

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  • I’ve known people who seem to be serial fad-dieters. I’m beginning to think that for some of them the fads are more of a hobby or a fashion statement than a true attempt to get healthy.

  • JE Gonzalez says:

    There is ONE sensible crash diet created by Lyle McDonald. In the book Rapid Fat Loss Handbook he prescrbes a protein sparing modified fast. It involves 2 weeks of super-low calorie intake, with 95% protein. It is brief for a reason to not throw your body into a loop.

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