How to Develop Killer Motivation Skills

Motivation SkillsThere is one sure fire way to not get the results you are looking for when you are trying to motivate others, and that’s by using threats. Now consequences on the other hand seem to work wonders. If you can make someone aware of the negative consequences involved with a choice or decision that has to be made, you can have a huge impact on their decision making process.

If you are looking for some techniques to motivate others – and this can work from anything from your spouse and kids to your coworkers and employees – here are some of my personal favourites.

Pleasure: providing some type of pleasurable reward or outcome will go far in motivating people to get things done. This could also include giving performance incentives. Think for a moment how much more you may try at work if you were told you were going to win a nice prize for coming out on top.

Kindness: this is actually something that is very powerful. I’m sure you have heard your mother say that you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. The same is true when it comes to motivating people. If you are trying to get your husband to help more around the house, do you think you are likely to get the help you desire if you are barking orders at him? But, if you tell him how much you appreciate all he does around the house to help out, you may find him in a much more agreeable mood if you ask for a little extra help.

Recognition and respect: When you recognize someone for their efforts (see the point about) you are able to raise that person to a much higher level. In a work setting, it’s important to recognize people both one-on-one and in a group setting. Did you know that more people leave their jobs because they feel unappreciated and under valued by their bosses and the company’s they work for? At home, what do you think would happen if, at the next family gathering or night with friends, you just happened to mention to everyone how great a cook your wife was; or you told everyone how great your child did at school?

So I bet now you’re thinking – okay, great. I can motivate my spouse, my kids, and everyone around me. But who is going to motivate ME? Here are some guidelines to help you keep your motivation in line especially with those things that are not necessarily your favourite activities.

Start by doing less. Don’t bite off more than you can possibly chew because when you do, and you realize you are in too far, you may lose the motivation you have to keep moving forward. Things that are done in bite sized chunks are much easier to keep on track.

Not surprisingly, the company that you keep plays a big role as well. If you surround yourself by people who are always discouraged, they will start to rub off on you.

Don’t over analyze your situation. Sometimes I put so much into preparing for something, that I lack the motivation to actually DO what I’ve been planning on doing. Think like Nike does: Just do it!

Keep a tracking chart of your progress. Once you start seeing visual results of your project, you’ll want to keep on trucking to get to the end.

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  • ggw says:

    that headline could be read the wrong way you know.

  • Jan Malloch says:

    Great post! Here are some of my top tips to keep yourself motivated!

    1) Believe that you can achieve what you’ve set out to do
    2) Imagine what you will see, hear and feel once you have reached your goal – imagine that you are there!
    3) Regard any setbacks as a learning experience. Persist and you will accomplish what you want
    4) Think positively – you know that you can do it, and you know that you will do it!

    Take care and have fun!

  • Oh that’s funny…. yeah, I’ll get motivated real good and then go out and kill my enemies! LOL

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