3 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Gaining Weight

Have you spent weeks in the “diet zone” only to find out that you’ve actually gained weight, instead of losing it? Sometimes, it doesn’t seem to matter if you’ve reduced your calories or increased your activity level – the scale didn’t lie. You’ve gained a few pounds! Before you toss that scale into the garbage, there may be a reason behind the pounds you’ve packed on.

There are more than likely a few different factors that could be working together to account for your sudden feeling that there is someone who’s adjusted the scale to add a few extra pounds.

Your body functions best when it’s well rested. If you aren’t getting adequate sleep, your body may be stressing out. Let’s face it – with the headlines that have been in the paper over the past several months, I don’t think there are many people who are sleeping quite like they used to!

You are also likely to handle the stress in your life differently if you are tired. Some people tend to head towards the refrigerator when they’re feeling stressed as a way of coping. Sometimes when people wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulties falling back asleep, they wrongly feel that grabbing a snack will help – and this all adds to your total daily caloric intake.

Knowing if you’re getting enough sleep is pretty recognizable – feeling tired, becoming irritable, and nodding off are pretty common-sense indicators. You should be aiming for about 8 hours of sleep each night. If you think you may be getting too little sleep, try adding 15 – 30 minutes to your total sleep time.

Stress in general is something you should try to avoid, but when it comes to adding pounds to a person, the culprit could be your natural body makeup. Stress – whether it’s the social stress of today’s world – or the survival instinct of our ancestors – is handled the same way within our body. Our metabolism slows down, our bodies store fuel, and we begin to dump out things like leptin and cortisol. All of this is more likely to cause an increase in fat around the belly.

There are also many medications that can aid in the destruction of your diet. Prescriptions that are used to treat depression, migraines, and even diabetes could cause weight gain – some as much as 10 pounds a month! I definitely don’t recommend stopping your medication because you think it’s causing you to gain weight, but definitely talking to your doctor is a good, and much safer, bet.

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  • John says:

    I have never dieted in my life. I really have had no need to. Back in June 2008 I started riding my bike to work 100% of the time. I also frequently ride it on errands. I went to the doctor and almost fell off the scale when they told me how much I weighed. My six-and-a-half foot frame went from 205 to nearly 220 pounds! I think it’s the muscle mass I’ve put on. So if you’re suddenly exercising a lot, you might see some weight gain due to muscle.

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