How to help your Kids with Homework?

How to help your Kids with HomeworkLearning is a lifelong quest and in order for it to be a positive one, you need to have great study habits. In order for your children to start feeling positive about themselves they need to know that you care about him/her and want them to be successful in school. Children need to understand that learning is important as well as enjoyable. One of the biggest ways to help your child be successful in school is to help them to show you care.

1. Set ground rules at the beginning of the school year.
Make sure your child knows what time they need to go to bed at night and what time to get up in the morning (make sure they eat a nutritious breakfast every morning). Your child needs to know what time they need to catch the bus in the morning.

Routines are great and your child should know that after their afternoon snack they need to complete their homework. After homework is completed then you need to decide what type of chores they have after school. Make sure your child knows what the curfews are during the week and on the weekends to prevent any problems. If your child has extracurricular activities they need to decide which one they would like to participate in, as it is important only to have one. Unfortunately, if they have more than one activity it will raise their stress level and their life starts to expand out of control.

2. Have a specific place for homework and studying.
Studies show when children have a set time and place to complete their homework they achieve higher in school. Children need a quiet place away from distractions like the TV, people talking, or the radio to complete their homework. Make sure to have pencils, paper, pencil sharpener, dictionaries, computer (if available), folders, and other items to make them successful.

3. Monitor how your child is doing in school.
Keep in contact with your child’s teacher(s), this is the ultimate way to know what your child is up to at all times. Make sure to give the school your email and cell phone number just in case they have an emergency and need to contact you. When ever you are in doubt please check with your child and then if you still have questions check with the teacher. Make sure you attend all Report Card Conferences, to find your child’s grades. If your child’s school is having PTA meetings, Math Night, Science Night, or another even make sure to go, your children will know that you are enthralled with them and their learning.

4. Have plenty of reading material around the house.
You should have a variety of different types of reading material in your house for your children. If you need reading material in your house look in area yard sales, library sales, and at second hand stores from .10 cents to $1.00 per book or magazine. For your child’s birthday and/or Christmas you can buy for them books and/or magazine subscriptions. In order for your child to have excellent reading skills they need to read, read, and again to read. As a family you can take turns reading books and poems and you can also go to the library to pick out books.

5. Help your child develop good values and learn right from wrong.
Our ultimate goal as a parent is to teach them to about good values to know right from wrong, to encourage this we need to be role models. If our child can make moral choices then they will grow up to be strong, consistent, and positive citizens. In order to do this you need to discuss with your child about not gossiping about others. Keep reminding them to always think positive about someone, even if that person is making fun of you. Explain to them an incident that happened to you to show that it does happens to everyone.

Parents play an important role in helping their child develop an excellent sense of right and wrong. In that role, it is your responsibility to teach them the values so that when at school and are bombarded with different issues they will pick the right choice. It is also important for you to show how to be a successful student. When your child has all the necessary items and a quiet place to learn and study then they will be successful students and you will be a successful parent.

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  • Sandy says:

    Children need their own space so that they can explore their talent and creativity. We, the parents should always stand beside to help them learning different things. We should teach them different subjects in different innovative ways so that they love to learn them.
    Parents, especially mother is the best teacher in a child�s life. The way, she can guide a child, no other can! However, sometimes, it becomes hard for the parents to help children doing homework. In that case, they can take advantage of online tutoring services like

  • Caleb says:

    It takes a lot of patience to help kids with homework. First, you have to have the patience to track them down. They are experts at giving you the slip. Then, you do have to locate where they are in the process. If they know you can check up on them, they become cooperative in a hurry.

    Secondly, we as parents have to be good listeners, and be honest with our kids. Lots of the time, they want to do well, but don’t really know how to articulate what needs to be done next. So teaching them a routine that they can stick to, and being there to help is a big step.

  • Ririan, this is a great post!

    When I was still a kid, I used to question why my parents were so strict about my study and homework habits. It’s as of they’ve implemented all of the points presented here. They’ve set ground rules such as my bedtime schedule, daily routine, curfews, etc. They also kept in contact with my teachers, trying to be friend them just to monitor how I am doing at school. Sometimes it even made me think that my gradeschool teacher spent more time with them than with me. All these things may sound funny and can be something that kids hate. But with where I am now, there’s nothing more that I could say but THANK YOU. These tips indeed work for me, and I guess it will also for other kids out there.

  • Parents are key to a child’s success because they are the ones who institute every habit in the home. Helping your kids to develop them, whether it be with reading or homework, it will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

  • Ever since I love reading and Its been so hard for me to pass what I love to my kids, they are more interested on gadgets but it did not stop me from sharing what I love. I use technology to pass my love for reading coz it will really benefit them, it increases their comprehension and I follow-up on school and the teacher said they are making progress.

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