How to Eat Healthy

How to Eat HealthyDeciding to change your diet is a big step and if you’ve already made that decision, good for you! It’s hard to give up the things which are delicious, comforting, and often at the center of family and friendly get-togethers. The hardest part of eating healthy will be giving up the things which you eat that are not good for you. The trick is to find a balance between the sustaining foods and the junk foods, and sticking with your plan.

Cleaning House

Before you go on your first grocery shopping trip to stock up on healthy foods, you need to make plenty of room for them. Start with your refrigerator. This is an easy place to start because there are less bad foods in your fridge than in your cupboards and it will motivate you to start letting go of the things which you do not need. Lots of times, people do not know where to begin when it comes to replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones. Some of the things to look for in your refrigerator are:
– Fatty salad dressings
– Whole milk and cream
– High calorie sodas
– High calorie juices
– Cold desserts like cheesecake and pie

Next, move onto your freezer. I’m sure you will find some obvious no-no’s here as well as other treasures buried beneath mountains of other no-no’s! Freezers are havens for unhealthy food.

– Frozen dinners
– Fatty ice cream
– French fries
– Pizza logs or rolls

Finally, clean out the pantry. This is where most junk-food lives. Almost any given home will have a pantry filled with non-essential, fatty, salty, fat-laden junk foods. Some of these delicious culprits include:

– Chips of all kinds
– Boxes of cookies
– Bags of candy
– Canned fruits swimming in syrup
– Sugary cereals
– White breads and pastas

Once you have cleared your home of all these sinful temptations, you are ready to go grocery shopping. Now that you are completely depressed, it’s time for an attitude adjustment. You just found the will to throw away all of the things which make you feel sluggish, sick, and fat. You should be feeling like a million bucks! You’ve taken your health into your own hands and are fully able to turn your life and the lives of those who depend on you for meals, completely around! Congratulations!
Stocking Up and Saying Yes!

While you are out shopping, remember what I said about moderation being the key. If you deprive yourself of all the things you enjoy eating, you will likely fail in your efforts to make a healthy change. If you enjoy cookies, look for some low sugar counterparts and have one after dinner with your coffee. There are always ways to alter ingredients in favor of a low calorie, low sugar, or low salt diet.

If you can afford to shop exclusively in the organic section of your grocery store, more power to you. However, these items are
extremely pricey and most people cannot adopt this organic lifestyle. Shopping for healthy foods doesn’t necessarily mean that everything needs to be organic or low calorie.

Eating healthy means eating less sugar, less fat, and less salt. These are all things which have negative (and some positive) impact on your body systems. By eating less red meat and more chicken or lean fats, you will have lower cholesterol which will have a healthy impact on your heart. By eating less sugar and more natural fructose (like fruits) you will feel more energized which will make exercising easier! People are often surprised at how much more they are allowed to eat while “dieting” because they are replacing junk foods which are not sustaining with fiber-rich, vitamin filled foods.

When you see your home, newly filled with great foods, and you begin to feel the effects of your healthy eating, you will be so happy that you found the strength to make the change! Seeing nutritious foods, like:

– Whole grain breads and pastas
– Skim milk and low-fat creamers
– Lean meats and fresh cuts
– Beautiful green vegetables
– Vibrant and juicy fruits

These are all changes that will produce positive effects for yourself and your loved ones! Following a healthy eating lifestyle with a sensible exercise regimen will set you on the path for a lively and energetic future!

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