Self-Motivation: Exercising

Self-Motivation ExercisingStarting an exercise program can be painfully difficult for many people. Just the thought of 30 minutes of continuous movement will make some couch-potatoes break into a sweat! I have some good news for those of you who think that a good work-out consists of parking more than one space away from the entrance! Exercise doesn’t have to be work! Losing weight and getting a healthy heart and lungs can be fun, exciting, and a great way to spend quality family time together. There are lots of great ways to motivate yourself to exercise:

– Heart or Health problems require exercise
– Lack of energy or feelings of fatigue require exercise
– Being overweight requires exercise
– Setting a goal to fit into something requires exercise
– Helping a loved one to achieve a goal
– Looking for a way to reconnect with kids
– Setting personal, daily or monthly goals of weight loss

These are all fabulous and common reasons which people use to motivate themselves to achieve a more active lifestyle. Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine is a crucial step in becoming healthy and fit. You can diet all you want and eat several servings of veggies, but there is no substitute for exercise!

Getting Motivated

Once you are clear about your reasons for wanting to adopt an active lifestyle, it will be easier to set forth a plan and make goals for yourself. There are many different reasons why people realize they need to make a change in diet and exercise and these reasons can drastically affect the exercise regimen. If you will be exercising in order to lose a large amount of weight or to overcome a medical concern, be sure to share your thoughts and your exercise plan with your doctor before beginning.

Making the Change

People who are obese and want to lose weight often have a difficult time because they get fatigued and frustrated when they don’t have instant weight-loss results. To these people I want to stress the importance of patience. Most likely, it took a long time to reach the state which you are in; you didn’t gain the weight overnight. The bad news is that it won’t come off overnight, either. The good news is that it probably won’t take as long to shed the pounds as it did to pack them on. If you truly want to regain your self-confidence and feel healthy and energized again, you can adopt a strict diet and exercise plan. You can work vigorously each and every day until you reach your goal weight. This is hard work, but if you want it bad enough, you can do it. All you need is a plan and willpower. Even if you have health problems and can do nothing more than walk, you can achieve your goal! Walking is the number one way to lose weight!

People who are ill, elderly, or have a sedentary lifestyle and want to become more active do not usually have the same obstacles to overcome as those who are exercising for weight-loss. Many times, these people have mobility issues, respiratory issues, or motivational issues. To these people I want to stress the importance of perseverance and sensibility. Taking the step to change your life through exercise is a great decision. However, if your body is telling you to slow down or to stop, then do it. Sometimes people who have a renewed sense of energy or motivation tend to push themselves, even if they have medical issues or physical limitations. It’s never a bad thing to exercise but it is possible to overdo it and this will only cause a set-back while you heal, which may, in turn, cause you to re-think your lifestyle change and to become sedentary again. This is a circle in which many people with the fore mentioned issues become trapped in. By incorporating exercise into your life at a slow and steady rate, you will most likely avoid these issues and continue on toward your healthy living goal!

The End Results

The benefits which you will receive when incorporating exercise into your life will thrill and amaze you. Once you feel the rush of energy and start to see and feel the results of your hard work, you will be hooked by the intoxicating effects of exercise. Seeing the inches melt away from your waist-line, feeling the strength of your open lungs, and knowing that you are helping others who exercise with you to become strong and healthy is the most empowering feeling of all.

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  • May I make a few comments?

    I really like how you caution people that weight loss can, and indeed frequently does, take quite a long time (although you can use a program of ‘Protein Sparing Modified Fast’ (PSMF) to get a massive drop very quickly (see work by Lyle MacDonald for how to do this.

    As a NLP practitioner and Personal Trainer I would also help people get set for the long term by getting them to see their goals as being achieved one day, one meal and one exercise session at a time. By seeing how each part of the process fits in, people feel much more confident that they can get what they want. I normally get them to see that a deviation of around 10% won’t hurt their progress either, so one in 10 meals can be a cheat meal, and they can miss one exercise session in 10 without a problem. This is one of the many exercises I have put in my ebook ‘How To Do What You Don’t Want To Do’ Diet and Exercise Motivation Made Easy (you can find it on my website).

    I would take slight issue with “Walking is the number one way to lose weight!”. Diet+Exercise is surely better? Whole sweeping generalisations like that can be kind and make things more simple, but they can also be deceptive; a degree of personalisation and specificity is always needed (and yes, that’ also a generalisation!).

    Thanks for writing, keep up the good work,

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