Benefits of the ‘thanking culture’

thanking_cultureThe definition of thanking culture is the custom of expressing one’s gratitude. We can express this feeling in many ways such as to say thank you, to give presents to someone and study hard. This culture gives us much benefits.This culture can produce a society which appreciates someone’s help. When we practice this culture in our lives, we will realize the kindness of the people who help us. Therefore, we will appreciate their contribution to us. For example, we say thank you when our friends give us presents on our birthday.

This culture can also generate a feeling of gratitude to God. Besides the awareness of somebody’s kindness, we will be aware of god’s bestowals onto us. This will generate a feeling of gratitude in us. An urban society will be produced by this culture. Practicing this culture can produce an urban person indirectly. For example, when we received a present, we should say thank you instead of muttering if we don’t really like the present. This culture also generates respect among the society. When we thank somebody who help us, the feeling of gratitude shows how we appreciate and respect that person. The person who has helped us will also respect us because of our humanity. Besides that we can generate love and affection amongst the society by practicing this, culture. For example when our friends help us study, we will appreciate them and help them during their time of difficulties. This culture can also make our relationship with wit that someone closer.

When we practice this culture we will be glad to be a friend to someone who has good attitude. Besides, this culture can lead to harmony in our society which comes from various races. When we help our neighbors who come from various races and vice versa, then, we thank each other, and a feeling of respect will be in us. This feeling will create the spirit of goodwill and unity in our relations with them. Our lives can be much better if we practice this culture. Making this culture a habit will make many people like us. But if we have a bad attitude, this will cause us to be hated. Besides, this culture can improve a student’s reputation in their studies. If we practice this culture, we can live happily amongst the society. Therefore, there will be fewer problems in life. Now it is clear that the thank you culture is very important in our lives. This culture benefits us in many ways. So, we must practice this culture, God will love us for that.

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