Keeping Fit This Winter

fitwinterWhen the cold weather blows in, it is extremely tempting to hibernate inside curled up to the fireplace in a nice warm cozy blanket. I’m going to give you a few tips and ideas on how you can stay active this winter so that when it’s time to bare all in the summer, you’ll be ready!

Getting out in the sun can help prevent and treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). SAD (also known as Winter Depression or Winter Blues) is a mood disorder that strikes during the winter months and affects people whose mental health is stable all other times of the year.

It doesn’t matter what activity level you are at and it doesn’t matter what your age, everyone will find something to pique their interest in this top ten list.

1. Cross Country Skiing: Although not as exhilarating as downhill skiing, this sport is a tricky one to master. You’ll generally be skiing on packed snow through ready made trails, and the bonus is that you’ll receive a top notch cardio workout!
2. Snow Shoeing: If you’ve never tried this activity, you have got to try it this year. The shoes allow you to stay on top of the snow and you’ll be exploring woods, fields, and trails like never before.
3. Hockey: Whether you use a professional rink at the Arena or you create your own rink in your back yard, hockey is a great sport to keep yourself active in the winter.
4. Snowboarding or Snow Skating: Snow skating is a virtually unknown sport to many people. It is much like snowboarding except there are no bindings to keep your feet planted on the board. Think about skateboarding, but on snow.
5. Sledding or Tubing: One of the most fun activities on the planet! Your heart gets a workout as you scale the hill, and it’ll get a workout as you blaze down the hill at breakneck speeds!
6. Snow Ball Fights: Remember making forts when you were a kid? You needed those to keep the snowballs from hitting you as you defended yourself against the barrage of snowballs coming your way.
7. Snow Angels: This is a perfect activity to enjoy as the snow falls down on top of you! Kids of all ages will find this a huge hit this year.
8. Snowmobile: If you have one of your own, or you find somewhere to rent one, this will be a hit with the entire group. You’ll love the freedom of flying through the open fields on your snowmobile!
9. Skating: Another great cardio workout activity that can be done by anyone at any age. It won’t matter if you are just skating around the rink or you are trying your best figure skating moves.
10. Make a snowman: Not only will your kids have a ball creating their snowman family; they’ll also get some exercise at the same time! Be prepared with some rocks for the eyes and mouth, a scarf, hat and a carrot.

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