Tips for Surviving and Thriving During Difficult Financial Times

It is no secret. Times are tough financially for most people. With the major losses of jobs, high energy and gas costs and a failing housing market, many people are struggling. They are having a difficult time keeping their homes, heating their homes and fueling their cars. Many people don’t know what to do short of foreclosure or bankruptcy. While there will undoubtedly be instances and cases where these two choices might be most beneficial for a family, it is not always. For many people, there are ways to survive and even thrive during these difficult financial times. We will discuss a few of them below.

financial_harda. Cut Back: I know this is obvious but many people still don’t adhere to this all important financial rule. You will never get out of trouble if you spend more then you make and refuse to do something about it.

b. Be Creative: Be creative when it comes to entertainment. Look in the newspaper for free concerts and other activities in your area. You will be surprised at the number of high quality museums, events and concerts you can attend for free.

c. Eat In: Avoid the temptation to eat out every night. This is a sure fire way to get you in the hole financially. Take turns with your spouse on who does the cooking. If your kids are old enough, have them help you as well. If you do it as a family, and not dump the load on one person, it is more likely that you will actually eat in instead of heading down to the nearest fast food restaurant.

d. Take Your Lunch: Many people waste money that they don’t have on buying lunch everyday. Resist this temptation. Instead, take last nights leftovers. Good ole peanut butter and jelly and chips are also good options. I know this might seem like a drag, but the money that you save will more then make up for it.

e. Find a Part Time Job: While many jobs have been cut, there are still a good number of part-time jobs available. Albeit, they may not pay the best, they often will pay enough to cover bills that you would not be able to afford otherwise. Check the websites of local companies. National job boards are another good place to look. Employment magazines which are given away free in places like grocery and convenience stores, often have many part time job listings.

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