RirianProject Is Now on Facebook and Twitter!

facebook-twitterHello Friends! Since Facebook is just huge these days, we decided to jump right in and hopefully make some more friends via social networking. Most of my friends have been telling me to start a page for our website for years. I guess I just didn’t see the need that much. I’m new on Facebook and Twitter and social marketing is not my thing. If we have some Marketing gurus here I would love to get some pointers and tips. Please LIKE us on Facebook by visiting our page HERE.  Or if you’d like, here is the link to our Twitter PAGE.  Please follow and like us and say HELLO when you get a sec!


Stay Warm!


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  • Marian says:

    Don’t link them. Twitter is for titles, Facebook is for stories. The way you promote content should never be the same.
    On Twitter: you’re doing it right.
    On Facebook: Add excerpt or description of article with a picture and a link.
    Before you get into ads and stuff for promotion, read on sweepstakes, it can grow your account pretty fast. Also, big prizes atract the wrong crowd that just want the prize with their 100 to 1k fake accounts, so be careful with that.
    As for tips and tricks, every tip has a two page reasoning behind it, so start digging on Social Media Examiner and All Facebook (should Google that just fine).

    Where should I send the invoice? 🙂

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