How To Boost Your Self Esteem

As society demands more of our daily lives, we often find it hard to keep up. And when we see others excel at tasks that may seem difficult to us, it’s easy to assume unfair comparisons between ourselves and a seemingly superior person. This, unfortunately, leads to a problem that has seemingly become an epidemic among children and adults alike: low self-esteem. And while the core of this concept may be the perception people hold of themselves, the consequences are far more reaching. Low self-esteem will cause us to hold ourselves back in many aspects of life, including relationships and self-advancement. Stress and depression are also symptoms of low-self esteem, both of which have a physical impact on the body. This condition is especially detrimental because, by its very nature, low self-esteem can fool sufferers into believing that they are incapable of overcoming their condition. However, there is hope for even the seemingly worse cases, building self-esteem may not be as hard as most think.

boos self esteemOne of the first steps in building self-esteem is to shift focus. Rather than noting all personal aspects that lead to a negative perception, individuals should see all accomplishments as a list of victories. This doesn’t necessarily mean substantial successes like trying to win a marathon or beginning a successful business out of the basement, but the small, everyday tasks. If, for example you’ve finally learned to use a software program for filing taxes after spending an exorbitant amount of time studying, don’t fret on how long it took to figure it out; instead, allow yourself to feel accomplished for overcoming this small task. As you begin to build confidence in the small things, remember to reward yourself. If you’ve finally paid off a credit card that just seemed to be looming around, go out and buy that new HDTV that you’ve always wanted.

If you feel plagued by feelings of worthlessness, you should begin to explore. Not just exploring new places, but new possibilities in life. Try new things every day and see which ones you may be good at. Let your personal interests guide you in your quest, a process that will reveal new tasks you will excel at while also helping you realize just how cool of a person you are. You may also come across others that share similar interests who are prepared to help you grow as a confident person.

Speaking of others, this brings up another important tool in your journey for self-improvement: people. By surrounding yourself with a strong social circle, you can gain confidence from the feedback provided by others. Just be sure to stick with individuals who generally exhibit a positive attitude and avoid those who seem to want nothing more than to cut others down.

Associating within a strong, positive social circle will also bring about a new confidence-booster: helping others. When you become involved with others and help them grow as confident individuals, you’ll see that self-perceived faults aren’t all that unique. No human is perfect, and that couldn’t be more evident than when helping others overcome their challenges in life. And as you help friends better themselves, you will have achieved a major victory in the quest to improve your own self-esteem.

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  • Dr. Sherrie says:

    I have found that saying NO is one of the greatest ways to boost self esteem. When we say yes when we need to be saying no we increase the things we carry around in life which bring us down. I blog a lot on getting rid of toxic people in our lives because when we do this we feel better about ourselves and out lives

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