How to Make New Friends Fast

make new friendsPeople meet and socialize with others all of the time with little to no trouble at all. There is absolutely no reason why you can not do the same exact thing for you and your relationships. A lot of people meet others and usually start out as strangers or a friend of a friend and hit it off famously with ease as if it is the most natural thing in the world and like they have been doing it from birth. The benefits to being able to be comfortable and knowing how to make friends fast, is that you can have more people who have things in common with you and who you are, more frequently in your life who you can spend quality time with, do fun activities with, will be there for you when you need someone to talk to and listen to your problems after a really bad day, more people who will support you and make sure that you are doing fine and that you are okay. Knowing how to make new friends fast will not only prepare you for most any social situation, but it will also increase your self confidence and self esteem that you have on the inside, which when you have it will shine if you let it. There is a lot that you can do to be successful in making new friends, but only a few will be needed to start and maximize the results that you receive:

Be confident – Relax! And be confident in yourself when meeting new people. Being confident in yourself and in who you really are as a person is a very attractive quality to have.

Don’t be afraid to break the ice – Start up a conversation with a person that may seem like your type and keep it going from there. Let the person know you are interested in them as a friend and how it would be nice to talk with them more often.

Find things that you have in common – Do you both like going to the same place? Or reading the same books or like the same movies ? Suggest that you two go do some of those things sometimes.

Be nice and receptive – You want the person to know that you will make a great friend and they will want to be around you.

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  • Vincent Nguyen says:

    What I’ve noticed over the years is that virtually everyone wants to be opened, even those whom are introverts. I can even argue that I am introverted although most would assume I am extraverted. Usually what the problem is that everyone is afraid to be the initiator because they all fear judgment.

    This sort of inner conflict occurs even in existing friendships. How many people do you know that doesn’t make plans with their friends? Without a doubt, it is not because they do not want to socialize or get together. The problem is that since the other person isn’t being the first to contact, the second party assumes the former doesn’t want to spend time together. Then the former assumes the same about the second and so on.

    To me, making new friends means putting in almost all of the work at the beginning. Talk to everyone, touch them emotionally and physically (with moderation and limits of course). Everyone wants to be friends, but no one wants to be wrongly judged.

  • Cameron Chardukian says:

    I can’t remember if I read this somewhere or if I made it up, but one of the most motivating quotes I’ve ever heard is, “It’s a mistake to passively wait for others to befriend you.” As a natural introvert it was an important concept for me to grasp that a social life was unlikely to fall into my lap anytime soon unless I took the initiative to build relationships with other people.

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