Top 10 Ways To Deal With Stress

MANAGE_StressThe following are 3 major ways to de-stress:

1)      Remove, reduce or disseminate the things that cause stress to your life

2)      Change your point of view and attitude towards situations that induce stress

3)      Practice healthy ways to manage and tackle stress


The following tips will help you deal with stress in each one of the ways listed above:

    1.  Do not concentrate and waste your time on meaningless minute details which are only temporary and are not part of your long term goals in life.  Prioritize and concentrate.
  1. All changes, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative in nature, need ample time and energy for you to be able to adjust and cope with it.  Do not plan stressful events such as the change of job, wedding, a move or a child all at the same time.
  2. Remember, you cannot satisfy everybody all the time.  Practice saying “NO” when you already have enough to handle.
  3. Take a 10 or 20 minute break in between each day.  Do not be accessible 24 x 7.  Take vacations that will relieve you from stress and avoid those that will give you more stress.  At least take a day off during the week and plan no activity at least one or two evenings every week.
  4. Change your outlook towards events that produce stress and accept situations that you cannot change or have no control over as they are.  If you have trouble dealing with a person, imagine that he or she has a terrible physical handicap that is causing that person to behave in that manner.
  5. If you find yourself in a no-win situation, get out of it for sometime or change the atmosphere which is causing the situation.
  6. Look deeply in to the things that are causing the stress and analyze:
  7. A)Ask yourself “Am I worrying about something that is actually existent or am I worrying about something which is very rare to happen?”

    B)“Is this situation within my control or not?” If the answer to this question is “yes” then do all that you can to change it and then let go.  If “no”, then there is nothing you can do and hence stop worrying about it.

  8. Exercise daily.  The body’s harmful chemicals and hormones that are responsible for stress are burnt while we exercise.  Further, exercise is a natural tranquilizer that gives you a sound sleep and helps your body to relax completely.
  9. Develop your spiritual component which will help you attain calmness and inner peace.  Give yourself a massage, sauna, heat, sunlight and biofeedback to relax yourself.
  10. CRY – Do not hold back your feelings.  While crying the body releases certain chemicals which reduce stress both emotionally and physically.

All the above tips are simple and easy to do but we usually forget about their existence.  Keep these tips handy and practice it as often as possible.


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  • Self Help Robot says:

    To add to number nine, Mediation, Mediation. Mediation, I can’t “stress” that enough. Take 20 minute a day find a spot and be still. The mind will wonder but with some discipline, you would see that most of your problem lies there in the mind.

  • Grace says:

    These tips are very true and helpful. I totally agree with the one that says “don’t worry about things you can’t control.” One thing I would like to add to the list however is “eat right and healthy.” As long as you can keep a healthy and balanced diet, most of the time, you will be able to stay destressed and happy overall. Good job on the blog and content!


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