The Peace Needed To Move Forward

Whether it’s competitive athletics or business, being able to advance in one’s field is a natural human trait. We are built to advance and that, it seems, is the way we improve and even evolve. The desire to be better, to be stronger and be faster are all just part of the same thing – our human instinct to evolve.

However, in the midst of our journey, we tend to forget that the basic propellant that gets us to the next stage is not intelligence and strength, it is peace. Peace is the major cause of all things in humans that has gotten us this far. It is also the core of what drives us efficiently.

Peace has to pervade our very fabric if it is to make any difference in our lives. To attain peace, we have to stand above everything, even ambition. It’s a paradox, but peace requires having to let go. For those who are yet to understand this, peace can be attained through resolute meditation.


move forwardMeditation is often misunderstood as the ability to void the mind of all thought and focus on one thing. Well to a certain extent that can be true, but it’s not the way to peace. Meditation is about allowing all the thoughts to go through without it affecting you. Meditation is about being a part of the thought energy rather than silencing it. It’s about allowing the thoughts to continue without affecting what you know to be important.  Only with this kind of meditation can you attain peace.

Why Peace

From meditation, flows peace. From peace flows an elevated appreciation of life. A total surrender that yields to everything but succumbs to nothing. Peace is the center of vibration that energizes everything. Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is not the pursuit of justice. Peace is about the vibration that sets us at pace with the universe.

The fabric that binds all life is an energy that is not sensed by our five physical senses. If eyes see light, the ears hear sound, it is peace that feels the energy that propels us. Without this peace, we will not be able to feel the energy coursing through us and without the benefit of this energy we will not be able to rise to the next level. Peace and energy form the cosmic dance that propel us through the daily harmony of life. To evolve, to advance and to reach our potential, we only need peace.

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  • Ever Here Now says:

    Nice to see some clear insights into what Meditation is and why it is so important for us all to take time out for it. There are so many misconceptions out there about what Meditation is. Thank you for sharing.

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