Self Development Apps on iPad

The old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is wrong. Everyone can change and improve themselves, but it’s never easy. Thankfully, due to technological advances, we now have supercomputer tablets that are able to run apps that make it easier to improve ourselves. This article will list 5 of the best self development apps on iPad.

#1 – Simply Being

Meditation is an incredibly beneficial practice. On top of releasing serotonin and other mood enhancing chemicals in the body, it helps the mind to relax and become at ease. It also improves focus and helps heal wounds in the body.

Simply Being is arguably the best meditation app available for tablet running on iOS, with guided meditations ranging in length from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, Simply Being makes it easy to meditate. The app also sends daily reminders reminding you to meditate, so that you can make meditation a daily part of your life.

With excellent guided meditations and dozens of useful features, Simply Being is an excellent meditation app for beginner and expert meditators alike.

#2 – Lift

Our brains are hardwired to stick to routine, which makes building new habits especially difficult.

Lift is tailor made for creating new habits. The app features a unique streak system that encourages you to stick with a new habit and make it a part of your life.

With a pleasing user interface and an excellent companion iPhone app, lift is the best iPad app for developing new habits.

#3 – Lumosity

Lumosity took the world by storm when it released on the iPhone in early 2013. The ‘brain-enhancing’ app quickly topped the educational category chart, receiving thousands of 5 star reviews along the way.

Released in August 2013, the Lumosity iPad app is just as brilliant as the iPhone app. Like its companion app, the Lumosity iPad app features dozens of games that give your brain a workout. These games, designed by neuroscientists, stimulate seldom used parts of the brain, improving intelligence, concentration and IQ levels.

With a gorgeous user interface and an addictive scoring system, Lumosity is the best iPad app for keeping your brain active and in shape.

#4 – YOGAmazing

Yoga is an incredibly beneficial exercise. On top of improving flexibility and balance, it helps develop calmness in the mind and build lean muscle in the body.

YOGAmazing is arguably the best Yoga app available for the iPad. With hundreds of yoga sessions, each 25 minutes in length, you’ll never be short of Yoga routines to try when using YOGAmazing.

With an easy to use user-interface and hundreds of high quality Yoga routines, YOGAmazing is the perfect iPad app for all yoga enthusiasts.

#5 – Duolingo

Duolingo, a new iPad app, is hoping to speed up the process of language learning, making it easier than ever before to learn a new language.

Duolingo takes a unique approach to language learning. Instead of having you memorize tens of thousands of words, Duolingo features games and puzzles that gradually teach you the nuances of a language over time. Research has shown that Duolingo’s approach is incredibly effective, with some users picking up new languages in just a few weeks.

With over 10 million users around the world, Duolingo is by far the most popular iPad app for learning new languages. With a unique game orientated approach and a fantastically designed user interface, Duolingo is a must for anyone looking to learn a new language.

Summing Up

The five apps listed in this article are some of the best self-development apps available for the iPad. Make sure to grab them all.

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