The Original Getaway

The last few years have seen a significant rise in alternative style holiday options for UK families. Rather than jetting off to Spain or Italy, more and more families are choosing to explore the beautiful scenery, rich history, national parks and nature reserves throughout the country. 

Beyond stunning landscapes and cultural attractions, the UK also boasts plenty of interesting cities and world-class theme parks so it’s really no wonder that many holidaymakers are opting to stay close to home and explore. 

Camping on the rise

Even inexpensive holiday accommodation can be costly. Beyond the idea of a ‘staycation’, which can involve accommodation ranging from B&Bs to five star hotels, camping holidays have become increasingly popular. Cheap and cheerful; camping holidays offer a sense of adventure and the opportunity to get off the beaten path.  A good four man tent can comfortably fit a small family and more often than not, the experience of camping brings everyone closer; literally and figuratively. Camping holidays in the UK have risen by almost 15% in the last year as more and more families embrace the idea of getting back to basics.

The Emergence of Glamping
Camping holidays have shaken off their former rustic image of yesteryear due in part to the rise of luxury options also known as ‘glamping’ or glamorous camping. Glamping accommodation options have quickly popped up at many campsites in the last few years and are often outfitted with luxurious linens and other indulgent amenities. The possibilities for glamping also extend to the average family in the form of larger tents like the bell and teepee varieties that offer spacious accommodation large enough to manoeuvre air mattresses and wood stoves – making year-round camping an appealing holiday option.

An Easy Getaway

For those interested in investing in a larger tent; four man, teepee and bell tents are relatively easy to construct as they have only a few pieces and can easily be transported in a small family car so there’s no laborious packing, dreaded reversing with a campervan or painfully slow motorway journeys. 

For many families the logistics of a holiday, even to a short-haul destination can be overwhelming. Having the ability to pack everything into a car and set off on a fun, hassle-free family journey can – in itself- be a delightful change of pace and make for a relaxed and enjoyable holiday experience.

The simplicity of a camping holiday is a great way to escape the fast paced and technology-based existence that many people experience daily. Camping holidays often mean that families spend more time out of doors experiencing nature in simple, yet significant ways.  Camping is an incredibly flexible holiday option and families can pick and choose what to see, skip and where to stop whenever and wherever they choose. A literal choose your own adventure – camping holidays are the quintessential getaway.

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