What Will You Buy For Your Other Half This Valentines Day?

If you’re are in love, you always want to be spontaneous and do things a bit differently. Valentines is one of those occasions where 9 out of 10 people get almost the same gifts. Greeting Cards, Flowers, Chocolate and a stuffed animal. Here are some interesting facts about Valentines Day that hopefully will make you... Read More »

How To Know If Your Kids Are Using Alcohol?

If your a parent of a teen, you need to learn more and be more cautious. You need to catch the early signs so you can seek proper help from professionals. Did you know that 63.5% of all High School seniors have consumed alcohol in the last year? Also, do you know of the recent... Read More »

Your Developing Child

The first five years of a child’s life is extremely important. I’m sure that most parents or parents-to-be are aware of the different milestones by which the doctor’s will monitor the progress of their child, but how many people really understand what is happening in those first important years? In the first three years alone,... Read More »