Self Improvement

Four Self-Improvement Tips

When you are distracted from meeting your goals, it takes a lot of mental strength to refocus yourself. Use self-improvement tips throughout the year to keep on track. If you lose sight of your goals, you risk not meeting them, which could mean you will have to spend more time achieving your goals in upcoming... Read More »

7 Amazing Facts About The Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a “new thought” era belief that claims a person can have anything he or she wants just by wanting it and believing it will happen. While arguments for and against the existence of the law of attraction as a universal law of physics rage on, there are several people who... Read More »

Courage Is All That You Have

Some times in our problems, when we look to our left and right, there is nobody but we stand alone in the midst of our problems. We feel very depressed and discouraged thinking there is nobody beside, and we are all alone. It is important at this hour to understand, our hearts are lonely hunters... Read More »

Manage your time well

Time is very precious and time that flies can never come back. This is why there is a saying that time and tide wait for none. You may be a housewife, student, teacher, salesman, executive or may be self-employed. But how you manage your time is really important. Prepare a checklist for your daily activities.... Read More »

How To Help Yourself Thrive In Your Daily Life

If you find yourself living your life in survival mode just working to sustain the status-quo, then it’s time to learn how to not only survive but to thrive and get ahead. All living things need to grow, and the same applies to your personal life. The tips below will help you learn to thrive,... Read More »

Winter Blues

Studies have shown that in areas where winters are long cold and grey the depression and suicide rates increase during those months. In those same areas, during the summer those rates decrease, which to me indicates that we have the same troubles throughout the year, but during the winter months when the outside is cold... Read More »

The Road to Happiness – Expanding your Expectation

Expectations we have of ourselves are greatly influenced by the opinions we formulate about ourselves in childhood. We may think of ourselves as capable in some ways and not in others. When we achieve our positive expectations, we think of ourselves as successful. Success, or “more success,” is interpreted differently by different people. Success may... Read More »

Personal Growth

Have you ever watched the movie ‘The Wizard of Oz’? I mean really watched it to try and get behind the message conveyed? When I was a young boy I watched the movie every Christmas and to me at the time it was just a great story about a group of friends going on a... Read More »

How to Plan Good Intentions

The saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. In the short term, the plans give a pleasant feeling – “everything okay”. Later it may appear that only sweet little keeper who procrastinate conceal. If the list never implemented plans ruin your mood and your confidence. Who still wants to change his... Read More »

Learn To Fail With Purpose

Whatever happened to that famous saying, if at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Yet how afraid are we of failing? We do not even start on a new adventure because we do not want to fail. Try for a different job? Oh no, can’t do that. Take a different route, cook a... Read More »

Discovery Tools of an Action Plan for Happiness

Get into a comfortable position and imagine you are looking at a good-sized TV screen on which the story of your life is being played. Spend a few moments looking very closely at yourself as you are now; then, on a sheet of paper, jot down answers to the following questions and complete the following sentences.... Read More »

The Power Of Love In Pursuit Of Happiness

Intimacy versus isolation is the next developmental crisis. It is related to unresolved issues around trust or nontrust which begin to surface again between ages eighteen and thirty. “Dare I trust someone enough to be truly intimate, or shall I withdraw and insulate myself instead?” “Am I important enough so that someone will come if... Read More »