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These articles received the most views, reactions or comments. Rather than having you surf through the entire blog to pick out the best bits of information, Top Posts make my best articles available on this page. I will be adding to it as more articles qualify for top posts status.


Health10 Useless or Even Dangerous First Aid Myths

99 Ways To Keep Your Heart Pumping

15 Warnings From Mom That You Needn’t Worry About

15 Useless or Even Dangerous Eyesight Myths

Cheat Death And Grow Younger With These 44 Longevity Tips

4 Easy Lifestyle Tweaks to Get Over a Cold


Sleep11 Ways To Sleep Better

9 Little Known Ways To Sleep So It Counts

8 Tools For 8 Hours Of Energy-Boosting Sleep

Power Napping – Improved Mental And Physical Performence

5 Reasons To Take Naps

11 Great Ways To Start Your Day

Personal Development

Persnal DevelopmentTen Commandments for Living a Bold Life

10 Timeless Lessons From Dalai Lama

22 Ways To Overclock Your Brain

Ten Commandments for a Stress-Free Life

10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs

7 Little Known Ways To Drastically Improve Your Learning

22 Useless Myths That Can Cost You Money


Productivity9 Effective Ways To Get 200% More Work Done

Here’s a Quick Way To Overcome Procrastination

33 Obvious, “No-Duh” Ways to Increase Your Computer Productivity

6 Ways To Boost Your Mental Acuity At Work

How To Keep Good Posture When In Front Of A Computer


RelationshipsWake Up Feeling Great With These 22 Tips for High Self-Esteem

How To Outsmart Your Brain and Handle Emotions At Work

Immediately Boost Your Confidence With These 22 Quick and Easy Tips

Ten Commandments for Living a Life Free of Regrets

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